Servo Engineering Ltd

Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 363247
12 Bittern Units, Bittern Road, EX2 7LW


Marine Servicing

We carry out all forms of marine servicing and repairs at our Exeter Workshop or at a Marina of your choice (with permission).

Minor services
We remove your old engine oil without spillage, replace the oil filter and refill the engine with the correct oil.

Major service –

  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Air filter change or flame arrestor clean
  • Change spark or heater plugs as required
  • Check for leaks, condition of the water pump or intake impellor if required
  • Check the general operation of the power unit
  • Check oil level on the drive unit and change oil if required

Vessel Check

Normally carried out with an engine service or can be done alone. This option includes:

  • Check antifoul where visible
  • Check anodes where visible
  • Check lighting, horn, electrical fuses and condition of the electrical system
  • Check hull condition, security of fixings and hardware
  • Lubricate and marine grease where required

We will recommend what work needs to be carried out and if possible will carry out work immediately or you can arrange a more suitable time for us to re-visit.

Testing –

We have extensive test equipment, we can check compression, cylinder leakage, engine performance and overall speed.

Preservation –

We have fogging oil for winter storage, we can also flush the water system with a preservative, seal any inlets ETC for improved protection.


Please call 01392 363247 for more information on any of these services.