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Project Management

The same basic rules are used no matter what your industry is. We all want on time within budget. We can take your new project, or a project that’s grown too big and turn it into a working and executable plan.

Defining Goals

Its always best to start off by setting out the goals in a clear document, this document is then made available to all by notice-board or via the Web. This way everyone knows what you are trying to achieve.

The Plan

The most efficient method, that we’ve found, to communicate ‘The Plan’ is visually. Hence, a pictorial representation is created for discussion. This is then used, in a meeting, with all the key parties to agree time-tables & budgets.


It’s important that the schedules provided are being met. Not everyone wants a project to run smoothly there’s no overtime in a smooth plan.


Milestones are a good way of making sure the project is on target. Often, however, they are used side-step issues, complain or apply pressure to other parties – so don’t set too many.

Critical Path

The critical path is set at the start of a project but pay attention as it will change through the duration of the project.

Crashing a plan

Under certain circumstances a project’s timetable can be shortened, but when you are closely involved, sometimes its difficult to see.

The above information is obvious, but still difficult to see if you are in the middle of it all, an outside view is just that. Never forget that in these difficult times a single project failing gives the wrong impression.