Servo Engineering Ltd

Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 363247
12 Bittern Units, Bittern Road, EX2 7LW

Field Service

Servo Engineering has vast knowledge and experience in the area of installation/commissioning. We have to date worked on various process and plant machinery.

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From upgrades and small panels to complete, large scale installations. We are able to supply engineers for installation of Gas Turbines, Reciprocating Engines, Generator, Compressor, PLC and SCADA systems.

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Following the Installation phase or just picking up at the commissioning point. SEL can commission a wide variety of plant, Including but not limited to Gas, Steam or Hydro Turbines, Reciprocating Engines, Generator and compressor systems, Power Stations, Water Treatment Works or Food Industry controls.

Our engineers are able to provide knowledge and technical expertise covering various software platforms as well such as Fuel control, PLC, SCADA and communications.

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