Servo Engineering Ltd

Telephone: +44 (0) 1392 363247
12 Bittern Units, Bittern Road, EX2 7LW

Component Repair

Servo Engineering offers an off-site component repair service. Items repaired will be returned as new with a 1 Year warranty from Servo Engineering Ltd.

The Service

Whether it’s dormant stock, process instrumentation, VSV actuators, valves, thermocouples, failed printed circuit boards, we can give free estimates for repair, Re-engineering and calibration. Current experience includes, Woodward 43027 /501/ Netcon, GE Speedtronic II/IV/V, all Power supplies, most PLC cards and speed controllers.


The unit’s are tested and a report generated on the condition as received. Then a repair scope of work and estimate is sent to the customer. If you accept the estimate we will proceed with the repair and re-test the unit to our specifications, It is possible to request further testing.


Where possible, original components are used but sometimes that is just not possible. We also offer a re-engineering service, in which a unit is upgraded to the latest standard if components are no longer available.


We offer a full calibration service where applicable for all instrumentation. Calibration Certificates can be produced with e-mail reminders for due dates.