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Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi 2256 turbo conversion

Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi 2256 turbo conversion

Here is a Seat Ibiza with a bespoke turbo conversion

We supply and fit a large amount of turbos, The most common turbo conversion for big BHP on the 1.9tdi is the BMW 2260 core, this customer purchased this ibiza with a 2256 fitted from a merc. The manifold was cracked where it was incorrectly welded and the turbo core seemed worn, We removed the turbo installed a hybrid core and billet compressor wheel with a small cut back on the exhaust wheel for durability. We also welded the manifold and pressure tested

Now we where happy with the mechanical on the ibiza we set to work installing the turbo and getting a read of the previously installed map in the ecu which was extremely rich in fueling and lacked boost through the revs


With the car estimated to hit above 250 bhp the standard clutch wouldn’t of lasted so we installed a paddle clutch to ensure it could put the power down.

We are currently developing software for this vehicle and when its complete the results will be posted.

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