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Mitsubishi Evo 8 GSR Repaint & Engine Tuning

Mitsubishi Evo 8 GSR Repaint & Engine Tuning

Photos & details of a recent project carried out by our Exeter workshop on a Mitsubishi Evo 8 GSR.
Carry out various paintwork to improve the evo visually.
Carry out engine modifications to take the evo GSR270 to a more aggressive 350bhp from its standard 270bhp figure.


evo 8 gsr standard side view

This is how the vehicle came to us. Already a very sharp looking car which made the task of improving the looks very challenging for our paint shop.

evo 8 gsr in spray booth for roof

Firstly the car had alot of faded carbon fibre effect on the splitters and spoiler, the first job was to get this off. We decided to go for piano black with a custom gold flake in a suspension layer. Once we showed the customer a test piece he confirmed the colour and we got to work! He was so happy with the colour we also decided to do the roof!

evo 8 gsr alloys being painted

The XXR alloys painted and finished with a high gloss diamond lacquer.

evo 8 gsr calipers painted gold

Whilst the wheels were in the paintshop we decided to get the brembo calipers preped and painted in a high temp gold. Below is the finished exterior of the car.

evo 8 gsr visual finished side view

evo 8 gsr visual finished front view

evo 8 gsr visual finished front view

With a few additions from the customer the car was visually complete, now time to get started on engine improvement.

Scope of Engine improvement:

3″ customer stainless exhaust system with custom Jap style back box
Large Front mount intercooler
3 port boost solinoid
Uprated walbro fuel pump
Re-Mapping to suit all the mods!

evo 8 gsr custom downpipe heat wrapped

evo 8 gsr custom exhaust rear view

evo 8 gsr custom exhaust rear view

With the exhaust air being able to leave the car quicker it was now time to improve the induction and intake pressure system.

Evo 8 gsr intercooler


Evo 8 gsr intercooler painted black

With these two mods plus the others underneath the bonnet it was now time to get it down to the rolling road at Alan Jefferys in Plymouth who did a great job of making our hardware modification work well with the new software!

Evo 8 gsr on dyno


The end result for the evo was the following:

Standard BHP : 270

After Tuning BHP : 366


If you’ve liked any of the modifications undertaken here and want similar or the same done to your vehicle – simply give us a call on 01392 363247. We can cater to any of your vehicle modification needs.

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